We are excited to announce our newest family member at Adlife Plaza; Mahdi Opticals. The company is a global leading brand in opticals offering the best eye wear for men, women and children. The glasses are affordable yet classy and functional suiting the all outlooks. The store was opened on Wednesday 22nd August 2018. Pop in for amazing offers while the opening promotion last!


By Marlone Mwaura

For a firm that constantly seeks to remain competitive and improve its bottom-line, striving to increase productivity while reducing costs is a persistent battle. Automation goes an extra mile in ensuring companies gain a competitive advantage by making them operationally efficient and effective to withstand the extremely harsh corporate operating environment.


By Cytonn Investment Team

Every aspect of life, in one way or another, demands financial consideration. Money is therefore paramount in our lives; it is required to achieve almost all of our desires and goals. As economists would say, “money is a medium of exchange, a store, and measure of value, and runs the economy”. Here are six things everyone should know about money:


Is there any person who does not want his home to have beautiful ambience? Your home is the place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and peaceful after spending long time at work or outside. To make the home decor more comfortable we must use the right kind of furniture.

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